Hand cleanser

Protect yourself & others

The Absolute GARD, we think it is the smartest hand cleanser on the market. Not only does it enable your employees and visitors to keep their hands clean and protected, it does it with style.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK, the GARD stands at 1100mm tall and comes complete with a stainless steel hand pump and drip tray.

Not only is it the prettiest hand cleanser, The GARD can be personalised with your branding or message with replaceable graphics and safely holds 5L of hand cleanser. The GARD can be placed at key points around your business, helping to maintain good hand hygiene, protecting your employees and visitors – all while still protecting your brand.

How much does it cost?
Priced at £249.00 per unit, you’ll receive a GARD hand cleanser tower, printed graphic panel and 5L of hand cleanser to get you started. Additional containers of cleanser are available £22.40 per unit.

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